Between learning about law enforcement and getting into the field there was a time when I was at the lowest in my life, scared, and unsure of what to do, or how to do it. As a single father, under-educated, and thrust into a role that society wasn't quite ready to accept I had to beat some odds. When the oddsmakers say you can't do it, or you'll fail, just hand them your beer and say "hold this!"

So, what have I seen or learned worth writing about, besides the imaginative tales from a warped mind after seeing so much ugliness? I've seen government corruption at levels I wouldn't have thought I had access to see. Some completely unexplainable events happened and I was there, and I still can't explain them. The wonders of romances gone wrong, the sorrow of death and destruction, and the triumphs of people who did what they needed to do, and kept trying.

Most of all I learned about the world around us as life went on, and picked up some amazing stories along the way, and a good bit of skill and knowledge that some people will find hard to believe.

I learned about the world of the occult after some bizarre encounters, once pumped a man's stomach in an emergency room because the doctor on duty and the nurses didn't have the upper body strength, went to war with a 170-pound teenager that tore through eight beefy adults like they weren't even there while speaking in gibberish tongues, and on a couple of occasions learned how to dip and dodge as bullets were aimed at my backside.

So for all of you that will follow me, read my stories, and find the things I have to share, the interests I want to promote, and the ideas I might let out on a keyboard, I imagine you'll find some of them entertaining, others scary, and still others hard to believe.

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My stories cover things of interest such as NASAs explorations, climate issues, environmental issues, and the world around us. I also write some for fun.