In The Battle Of The Box Office Who Was The Most Blood Thirsty Hero Of All Time And Who Shocked You

Jason Morton
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From the likes of John Wick to Blade and many more, our heroes have killed the good, the bad, and the unlucky. They’ve made for gruesome, horrific, action-packed fun for years and hopefully, years to come. Which hero has the highest, most impressive, kill count? Let’s find out.

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Hollywood is the only place where you can be the most prolific killer in history and still be a hero. Some of these famous faces represent the most ambitious killers in movie history. From the likes of Bruce Willis’s one-man wars in the Die Hard series to Wesley Snipes's vampire kills in Blade, we’ve marveled at them taking out the bad guys and anyone else that happened to pass by. But, who is the most prolific of the Hollywood heroes when it comes to carnage and murder?

Col. James Braddock

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One of the 80s-era action movies starred none other than one of America’s badasses, Chuck Norris. Norris played the character of James Braddock in the Missing In Action series. In the movies, Braddock racked up 146 kills during his adventures back into Vietnam looking for men and the ghosts left behind in the Vietnam war.

Over his years on screen, Norris has racked up an impressive body count of dead baddies, with 70 in Missing In Action 2: The Beginning perhaps being his most impressive of all. While that’s barely a contender for the top spot on the list, the MIA series did push Norris into a higher spot as an action star.


Coming in at 172 total kills, Wesley Snipes as Blade is the most prolific mass murderer of vampires. Blade ignited the Marvel Universe’s love of the superhero movie as the daywalker that saved Marvel Comics from going under.

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